Intro to the blog world

Hello chickens

‘P’ here! Hope everyone’s had a lovely New Years and found some good sides in the Xmas crazyness…

Anyhow, not quite sure where this little ‘blog spot’ will take us, but the thought is that myself and miss ‘A’ will be updating regularly from our different perspectives of the crazyness that is the UK Media Industry. Miss A as you can read in the mini-profile is rocking the uni thing, studying up on TV Production and building on her experience from the original FunnyOnPaper office (and her many acting & short film titles… ask in the comment space).

On that subject, to give you a little back story myself and A met when she one day strolled into my office in the Production company, and took up the chair by the other desk. Crazyness followed, probably far more then our bosses could have ever anticipated. And more importantly the Twitter page FunnyonPaper was born to record said crazy, the daily quotes from the office, and various random thoughts on what was happening in the industry and with our careers.

Anyway, I ramble too much. Anyway, earlier last year we both quit to find new challenges. In A’s case University and a future set on leading to the Academy Awards (dreams people, have them dammit). Me? I ended up having to choose between LAla and the Smokey City (London). Never would I have guessed my choices would lead me to be starting 2011 by watching the fireworks over the London Eye.

Work wise it’s all about Coordinating. Not as much productions as bookings these days, and it’s turned to Sports Broadcasts. That’s as much detail as we’re going into on that (don’t worry, plenty of gossip tbavailable nonetheless). Both A and myself have this crazy dream of one day working in drama. Be it Film (‘A’) or TV (‘P’), and we figured there might be some of you out there interested in hearing about some of the trenches and stories from the front lines. We know we’ve enjoyed that help from books and blogs thoroughly.

So anyway, keep watching this space for more… Promise the future posts will be shorter.


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