“I feel lost without stress in my life – almost decieved. Basically – we’re fucked.”

So as most of the office has taken off to their various important parts of the world (i.e. everywhere but at the office) I’ve been sitting pretty much solo with a whole floor at my disposal. This has involved lots of skipping, some occasional sing-alongs, smelly food, and long breaks of staring at the big screens and wondering why BBC news feels like a roundabout on repeat.

Anyway, turns out our lovely reception had noticed this and were somewhat worried about my sanity in this lonely state.

Lovely Receptionist lady – “You ok up there, all on your own?”

Me (merrily) – “Oh yes, I’m good. I’ve got waffles. And Radio one.” (very serious pause) “I talk to the radio. It’s fine, on occasion it talks back.”

Lovely Receptionist lady – “Oh really? I do that too!! THey always reply. So much more reliable then men.”

*girls in the vicinity and the two of us start agreeing and nodding happily*

Man approaches innocently – “Hey ladies, do you happen to know… uhm…” *is met by several pairs of reproachful eyes* “Uhm… I was… Did you have a. I’ll be back in a bit!”

Me – “Yeah so anyway, it’s all good. You should come up!”

Lovely Receptionist lady – “I’ll see you at lunch!”

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