P: “There is nothing cuter than an evil marshmallow man! C’mon he’s stomping on the city going ‘Oooohohoooh!’ –how is that not adorable?!!”

Had beers with some old crew members the other day. They had just come off a shoot, there were cameras and that slightly manic ‘post filming of people who have never been in front of a camera before’ glow.

I spent about an hour having fond flashbacks of Krispy Cream stops along the highways around 1am after a 6am calltime the previous morning. Then tried to work out who in their right mind misses stale doughnuts while surrounded by the insanely amazing (yet not inclusive of said doughnuts or crew banter or manic eyes to the same degree) office/job things I am at the moment fortunate enough to be.

I didn’t get ID:d for the beer though. The woman looked at me and spent a good minute looking from the laptop bag to me to the bag and back. She seemed to decide there was some sort of logic in thinking I wouldn’t have been given the bag (not the computer) if I wasn’t old enough to get drunk after work. Or voluntarily be wearing heels like that.





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