A’s boyfriend: In my spare time I like to watch Huskey videos on youtube… A & P: …

It’s amazing who might be sitting just around the corner from you, and the stories they could have to share. Seriously, we spend far too little time talking to one another (sarcastically telling BT you simply adore their customer service and would they not like to send you a twenty page form to recommend them to the year award whilst you wait another three months for the broadband… well, that doesn’t quite count).

Have so far today found out our receptionist is a very talented (and well repped) playwright/composer of musical theatre/etc etc, the new boys in the office have some simply scandalous stories of the changes in the journalist trade, and Producers blog these days. About things not at all relevant to their job description.

Have also learnt that serious conversations will simply not happen before sufficient amounts of coffee has gone through the system in the morning. For example accidentally telling your sort of boss how much a certain city could very well be considered the ghetto of northern california may not be the best idea when it turns out his lovely aunt Martha lives there and talks it up every other Sunday. Hmmm, note to self.

And on an entirely different note, Miranda Kerr (aka stunning Viccy’s Secret model+health guru+author as it turns out) posted a pic on her blog of her newborn adorable son. What do the papers pick up on though? Oh good heavens she’s breastfeeding! Deary oh! Must start a new debate, how dare they reignite such a confusing topic. To feed or not to feed… And apparently the NHS are now saying this isn’t a good idea, the whole milk thing. Not that I want to question the good docs advice or anything, but hasn’t this procedure worked quite all right for the past, oh you know, couple of thousands of years? And then some?!

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