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Quote from the Disney studios

Turns out building sets and studios ontop of holy ground, much less inside an old church, may not be the best idea. Rumours or not, enjoy today’s quotes form the Media trenches below –

So when I was working with Disney we had a base at St Annes. Was an old church originally, but they had redone it and we had sound rooms and stages and edit suits all over the place.

It was generally a lovely place, apart from the ghosts. In fact it got so bad an exorcist was hired in to check up on the validity of these stories. He turned up and informed the executive that not only were the stories accurate, there was a priest on the third floor who was very unhappy with the former occupants (playboy), there were in fact also three human ghosts and one non human entity standing behind said executive.

A few days later the sound op in charge turned around in the middle of the night, alone in the whole building, and came face to face with a gregorian monk.

Much like our horror feature, where the local medium eventually advised the crew to start bowing and asking for permission to shoot for the day.

Needless to say the staff were none too pleased, but after a while we all learned to live amicably side by side, humans and entities and ghosts alike. Anyway, the night guard was quite well acquainted with them, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were poker nights eventually.

Some days in this industry you hear stories that are just too unreal to be true, but it does explain a lot about some of the scripts in production out there.







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“No, it’s my dog’s gun… Really… It’s for his own protection.”

As seen on Fredrik Backman’s Cafe blog (Swedish blogger on madness and sports, and being a dad/husband… quite funny really).

Anyway, Fredrik made a valid point about the picture from a grocery shop in Croatia – “where the h*c* are you meant to store your gun while you’re in the shop? If the dog watches it, things could go terribly wrong!”

Morning fun necessity….



P-“And it’s so scary when you’re supposed to know something but you don’t. Then the coffee kicked in. …Yeah.”

You read about these people. These super-people.

They are up at 6am every(!) day. Get to work for 7.30/8 am. Leave around 6-7 PM (if not later). Somehow manage to run errands and be sociable (necessary networking evil as well as the enjoyable kind). Memorise detailed family histories of every potentially important client/co-worker/executive. Get home and at some point feed themselves (and lets not forget the obsessive gym attendance, usually pre-work). Watch news and read lots of updates from every corner of the universe relating to their speciality (and everyone else’s).

And then the bastards go and get even more productive by writing screenplay drafts, planning budgets, or being generally super effective until way into the night. With three hours sleep on their back they are up and at it again, for another day in the squirrel wheel. Except they are fitting so much in there it’s more like… Well I don’t quite know.

What caffeine pills are they taking? Did I miss a memo somewhere? Three days of five hours in bed and I’m struggling to form coherent sentences!



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And the Award for Best Ass-Kissing, Stalking and Obsessed Newcomer goes to…

Righto, pay attention and Favourite this page/post immediately!

That is, if you want a career in TV or Film. (That is, YES F’ING PLEASE!!)

PA's Favourite Hobby

I have been slaving away all afternoon tracking down email addresses and contacts for Independent Production Companies in London. Now I’m already up against hundreds of PA’s and runners for these jobs as it is, so I thought I might as well post up the contacts I found!

So here they are  – enjoy kissing ass 😉

Now most of these are just auto-reply addresses, and your CV will go straight onto a database. But it’s a start, and I’ll be chasing them with phone calls, more emails, letters and eventually a visit to their offices until they cave in and beg me to join their team, as long as I stop with the ass-kissing!!

Voila – one magic career plan.

Love, ‘A’ x

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“So we were sitting in the dark, in a Pub in the middle of France. And suddenly all these hookers came out. I love business travel!’

The upsides of the world of PAs (one of them, yes, there are a few… including health care plans that come with free therapy sessions).

Out-of-town executive – “Do you like dresses?”

Me- “Uhm, well… ”

Out-of-town executive – “Is there a shopping mall nearby?”

Me-“Two blocks down, you’ve got the works. Why?”

Out-of-town executive – *hands over shiny card* “One shirt. Shouldn’t have to be ironed. And get a nice dress… Please”

Me – *please? there was a please? * “Certainly.” *please? really? a… wait a minute, free dress?*



“The man of my dreams is small, gold, never says a word and is hard all the time. Yeah, his name is Oscar.”

Yuh-huh. It’s Awards season 🙂

EEEEEEEEEEE Oscars! BAFTA’s! Statues! Parties! Dresses! HOLLYWOOD!!!!! I love it.

Last year I celebrated the Oscars by staying up extremely late with a friend, getting very drunk, managing to stay awake through the least exciting part of the TV showing, missing the best bits (Best Picture, Director) and then going into work drunk at 9 the next morning. Thank God ‘P’ was there to nurse me back to health, and the boss wasn’t there to fire me.

This year, I was hoping to repeat this. Alas, I have a lecture at 9am the morning after the Oscars ceremony.

So, seeing as it looks like I might be missing the Oscars this year, I thought I would have my own sad, crazy little Awards Ceremony right here in cyberspace!

😀 YAY!

The Oscar’s nominations as dictated by the Academy are, quite frankly, as predictably awesome as ever.

Unfortunately, I have not (yet) seen all the nominated films, so instead I’m just gonna rate my favourites of the past year, and you can agree/disagree or be indifferent!

Best ‘Worst’ Film – The Expendables

Best Actor – Colin Firth, The King’s Speech

Best Actress – Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Most Tragic Death in a Film – Morgan Freeman, in RED

Best Cinematography – 127 Hours

Most Epic Film -Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

Best Screenplay – Inception

Biggest Disappointment – Robin Hood

Best Animated Feature – Toy Story 3

Best Rom-Com – Love and Other Drugs

Best Director – Darren Aronofsky, for Black Swan

Cutest Character – Toothless, in How to Train Your Dragon

Best Picture – Inception

Hottest New Hunk – Andrew Garfield

Best Comedy – A-Team

Best Visual Effects – Inception

Geekiest Kick-Ass Film – Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Best Original Score – Hans Zimmer, for Inception

I think you we can conclude that my favourite film of last year is Inception. Hands down – I think Di Caprio’s performance has been overlooked, and the brilliance of Nolan’s story forgotten since the attention it held last Spring.

But coming up close in 2nd place is Black Swan; a film that will haunt you with its dark and twisted beauty, days after you leave the cinema. These two films have been huge inspirations for me and if I can produce anything half as stunning as them in my future career I will die a very happy mad, old, cat lady.

So don’t miss the Oscars on the 27th of Feb! (Please note that some of the above categories unfortunately will NOT feature in the official awards ceremony.)

Love ‘A’ x



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