B – “So we were sitting in the dark, in a Pub in the middle of France. And suddenly all these hookers came out. I love business travel!’

Life plans…

Simple little things, ready to produce angst, bursts of panic, some feel goody moments and ticks on a long check list, and blackberry botox (which apparently is a growing phenomenon… who knew!).

They come in different forms though. There’s the basic ‘graduate, get job, get savings, buy house, make sure job is in industry of choice, enjoy it, do silly things and travel around the world’ varieties. There are the ‘career -!!!!!!!!!’ ones. And then there are those ones that Cosmo and Elle love to break down into neat columns in 3000 word articles. All presumably designed to make us feel better.

I didn’t have one of those last ones. Then I started thinking about baby names. Of all things. And a business launch. And a house with book cases and stairs and a TV (and as this is at some point in the future I assume this will create a Star Wars like hologram of yummy US drama programming in my future candle lit living room). And did I mention the baby names?

There’s a good chance this is only a Friday morning thing due to far too little sleep and very exciting business meetings. Makes you think of the future. Then again it might be something about this week… Or the water!

‘E’ ran in this morning in a slight panic as she had actually felt something melt and was rather relieved to find her man-friend had survived surgery. On his pinky. Well… Not actual surgery, just… you know… But still, the point is she cared. Quite a bit.

Not quite sure where this is going. Am tuning out to refocus on our beloved random office visitors from the other floors currently debating Whiskey vs Vodka in the desk drawers. Who needs TV with this kind of entertainment!



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