P-“And it’s so scary when you’re supposed to know something but you don’t. Then the coffee kicked in. …Yeah.”

You read about these people. These super-people.

They are up at 6am every(!) day. Get to work for 7.30/8 am. Leave around 6-7 PM (if not later). Somehow manage to run errands and be sociable (necessary networking evil as well as the enjoyable kind). Memorise detailed family histories of every potentially important client/co-worker/executive. Get home and at some point feed themselves (and lets not forget the obsessive gym attendance, usually pre-work). Watch news and read lots of updates from every corner of the universe relating to their speciality (and everyone else’s).

And then the bastards go and get even more productive by writing screenplay drafts, planning budgets, or being generally super effective until way into the night. With three hours sleep on their back they are up and at it again, for another day in the squirrel wheel. Except they are fitting so much in there it’s more like… Well I don’t quite know.

What caffeine pills are they taking? Did I miss a memo somewhere? Three days of five hours in bed and I’m struggling to form coherent sentences!



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