Quote from the Disney studios

Turns out building sets and studios ontop of holy ground, much less inside an old church, may not be the best idea. Rumours or not, enjoy today’s quotes form the Media trenches below –

So when I was working with Disney we had a base at St Annes. Was an old church originally, but they had redone it and we had sound rooms and stages and edit suits all over the place.

It was generally a lovely place, apart from the ghosts. In fact it got so bad an exorcist was hired in to check up on the validity of these stories. He turned up and informed the executive that not only were the stories accurate, there was a priest on the third floor who was very unhappy with the former occupants (playboy), there were in fact also three human ghosts and one non human entity standing behind said executive.

A few days later the sound op in charge turned around in the middle of the night, alone in the whole building, and came face to face with a gregorian monk.

Much like our horror feature, where the local medium eventually advised the crew to start bowing and asking for permission to shoot for the day.

Needless to say the staff were none too pleased, but after a while we all learned to live amicably side by side, humans and entities and ghosts alike. Anyway, the night guard was quite well acquainted with them, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were poker nights eventually.

Some days in this industry you hear stories that are just too unreal to be true, but it does explain a lot about some of the scripts in production out there.







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