P: “Been spending too much time with Daisy?” A:”I’ve hardly been on her yet.” P: “No? Just under then.”A:I hardly made use of her facilities

Conversations in the production office, part 354 –


IT-Man for the Artsy bottom floor people (i.e. different company, only met him once in passing) – “So who are you?”

E – “She’s my lesbian life partner.” (very serious face)

Me – *nod* (very serious face)

IT-Man – *moment of silence with obvious mental short-circuit*  “Re… Really?”

E – “No you fool, I have a boyfriend, you know this. ”

IT-Man *looks at me for a long time while me and Esi are getting ready to leave* “I love your name.”

Me *vaguely creeped out* “Uhm… That’s… Thanks?”

IT-Man -“You have the wrong surname though. It should be Kournikova. P Kournikova. It’s my ideal pornstar name.” *extended pause* “We’ll get along very well.”

Me *creeped out, but confused by the fact that IT man is basically a giant puppy with massive rimmed glasses and completely innocent and has quite obviously never got laid* “Okay, well, I’m gonna walk that way and pretend you didn’t speak. And you’re not gonna speak next time we meet. Or stare. Or picture me or my name or anything related to me naked in any form.”

IT-Man – “Just not Completely naked though, right?” *puppy eyes and confused sad faced*

Me & E – “If women ruled the world you would all be robots. It would be awesome…”

We’re setting up puppy man with a Sci Fi geek now. It’s all very strange.


xo xo



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