How you become a Sports Producer, and other short stories that actually happened

S- “Well, I remember the more gruesome scenes… There was an uprising in India I believe, can’t remember the reasons but the crowd attacked these police officers. And they started bashing their skulls in with hammers. You know how the face cracks when you hit it in certain points with a hammer? Eyes fall down, bones crack, you could see it all quite clearly… Yeah, so that was my job. Look through all the footage and make sure only the relatively nasty made it onto the evening news, the rest was put back in storage. That day I was watching their skulls crack open, you see a lot of blood you know… Yeah… So after work I checked in with the sports guys, asked if they had any extra work. It sorta went from there.”


And there you have it folks.

S is a rather successful sports (football) Producer with a good 20 years in the business (of live sports broadcasts, not medical studies). I would imagine there are less traumatizing ways to get the job, but you gotta edit what you gotta edit…






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