“Let me know when your personal life is falling apart: then it’s time for a pay rise!”

Quote taken from one of my favourite (Guilty Pleasure) Chick Flicks,

The Devil Wears Prada.

This quote, without a word of exageration, makes me want to cry with fear and hopelessness.  Simply because it is so true. And even more so, because I don’t want to work in Fashion, where many women struggle with the scary balance between their work and personal lives. But I want to work in the TV & Film Industry, where men still rule the roost (admit it, they do). I know I’m going to struggle, constantly having to choose between career and relationships, as often preached in Hollywood films and TV Dramas aplenty, because, apparently, you can’t have the best of both worlds.

I’ve witnessed this first-hand over the past couple of weeks. I threw myself head-first into producing two projects at Uni: a live TV show, and a short documentary. I then scored a runner position on a graduate film, working with the most talented students Bournemouth Uni has to offer, followed swiftly after by an offer for more freelance work for clients such as Honda, Swiftcover and even Channel Four.

So, basically, March has been the best month of my career so far! Which is brilliant, and I’m so incredibly proud of myself – and bloody excited too!!

BUT (why is there always a But?) – this Month has also seen my family/personal life descend into chaos. With my Dad deciding to move to Cambridge, my brother being hospitalized with septicemia, my boyfriend disappearing into a dark and dingy animation suite, my social life coming to a halt, and my best friend betraying me so that I almost lose my home. Not great, I hear you summarise.

However, I’m not one to let things get me down for long. If life was easy, there’d be no point in it, and if I’m going to have an amazing career and an amazing personal life I should be prepared to work extremely hard to get both. The easy road would be to just settle down and have kids; the boring, traditional route. Or I could become a career-crazed bitch and end up alone. Neither one of these is acceptable.

The long, hard  and steep road it is then – to a fulfilling life balanced equally between career and relationships.

I refuse to believe Happy Endings are just for films: another favourite quote of mine is this…

“You have to be the Heroine of your own life.”

And that’s your slice of cheesy goodness for today 😉

Love ‘A’ x

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