There’ll be a lot of pressure. But you’re a girl, so you just run along and make us some tea!

…. So how’s an audience of 6000 people for pressure? And how’s being a girl surrounded by 20 other male crew members?

And how do you suppose I coped? JUST AS WELL AS ANYONE ELSE.

Sorry for the rant and straight to the better news: I got to film these guys at the weekend:

The Wanted - wanted by every girl who's reached puberty

I have landed myself a new job for the summer, working for a production company based in Dorset, who specialise in live events. Cool right? 🙂

HELL YEH. Only problem is, I’m not getting paid. And I recently quit my 2 waitressing jobs… So I’m a little worried about my bills this month.

BUT, I spent a whole weekend in Gloucester, building an 18-foot high LED screen upon which 6000 people watched the footage from MY camera LIVE during The Wanted’s gig.

(PLUS I had all the free food I could ask for!)

As ever with these kind of jobs, I noticed a distinctly different attitude towards me, as one of the only TWO women in the 20+ crew.  I’m sorry to ramble on about this sexist stuff (I more than anyone am tired of it!) but PLEASE, there wasn’t even a crew toilet for ladies, only for men. I wasn’t allowed to carry things or use the electric drill, and before The Wanted arrived on set I was given a talk about (and I quote):

“Not getting excited and girly when the band arrive.”

OMG the rage! This from a guy who was given his director/vision mixer job by his rich daddy, only a few years older than me, and possibly the least professional ape I’ve worked with in my brief career so far. Harsh words? Honey this is me being kind!

Just because I’m a girl it does not mean

  1. That I will crumble into an unprofessional, rowdy teenager at the sight of a few singers with bulging biceps.
  2. That you need to tell me to make sure I go to the bathroom before filming starts (I’m not a 2-year old).
  3. That I cannot do manual labour/carry things/use a goddamn screwdriver and YES my talents go beyond making f**king tea!
  4. That you should treat me any differently from any other crew member.

The thing is, in this situation all a girl can do is smile sweetly and do as she’s told. Then as soon as you can you prove them wrong by lifting those heavy crates, you bring out your amazing skills with the power drill, you get down and dirty and work your ass off. You let your make up smudge and your nails break and you forget about your hair.

At the same time you talk to everyone and keep the morale up. You offer to make tea when you, and everyone else, is in need of it. And every time a job needs doing you say “I can do it!” and you show them that you can.

Basically, you need to be …

The Super Camera Woman

All in all though, it was an awesome weekend and I’m looking forward to my next live event!

Mainly for the free food.




Love ‘A’ x

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2 thoughts on “There’ll be a lot of pressure. But you’re a girl, so you just run along and make us some tea!

  1. Wow that guy sounds like a prick. It’s unfair that you should be expected to prove yourself by going above and beyond your position while the men in the group can settle for doing the average amount. Do you think that proving yourself will help? In my experience when someone already assumes that women can’t do a “man’s job” they’re not likely to be dissuaded by the fact that there’s a woman in front of them doing that very job. They pull out that “exception that makes the rule” crap because the idea that women are somehow inferior is what they actually want to believe.

    I’m sorry that you have to put up with this. It sounds like an all around horrible situation. I hope that everything works out for you! I’ll send out good vibes 😛

    • funnyonpaper says:

      Oh god yes, men definitely want to believe we’re inferior! They’re so insecure. But I think I’d rather prove them wrong (even if its in vain and they take no notice) than prove them right – nothing more annoying than a dick head than a smug dick-head. I’m considering a strike if I am asked to make another cup of tea though 🙂
      And I like to believe not all guys in the industry are like this. Naive?
      Love ‘A’ x

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