M-“Do you think if I go in and shake hands with everybody I’ll find someone more interesting then the guy I’m actually meeting?”

The dreaded interview process… And no, I don’t mean attending as the interviewee. I mean actually conducting the things, and making decisions! Big decisions…

You see, after about three years of hiring and picking crew members you’d imagine I would have reached some form of comfort zone with the idea of vetting potential employees… But it turns out, when they’re full-timers for more then one project at a time, it’s damn hard!

I interviewed a few girls the other day for a PA type role, and while all lovely they came across very differently. One was frank and honest about her fairly substantial career as an actress, with sporadic PA experience in between. Sweet and confident, and an almost perfect interview performance.

The second one loved cake, but was slim as a feather. Despite the multi colored nails she came across very confident, funny, charming and with a cool head well screwed on. She wasn’t afraid to share limited personal details to create banter, but also held back on too much. But did she have enough credits on her CV, even though she would be able to do the job?

And then there was the girl who came perfectly polished, dressed to impress (but as it’s an office of converse, jeans and the occasional set of heels… Media people?). Clearly a future journalist, a strong academic background, and eager to express an intense interest for the role. But why was she walking so close I could feel her breath?

Silly little things, tough decisions… After all, it’s not as if we can just try them all or throw one away if it all goes wrong. Recruiting takes time, is hard (and annoying) work, and teaching someone once they’re hired takes even more time! So no pressure on getting it right the first time around… Shockingly I’m not worrying as much about the fact that I’ll make someone’s day and do the opposite to a few other’s, but rather about who will hit the ground running the best. In the right lane… Hmm…

Another day in the somkey city!

xo xo




PS News of The World… Damn!! What’s everyone thinking? That’s a worse ball of crazy than when A and me got stuck in a garage for months on end at a production company!

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