Rioting and greek salads- London style

Close to two weeks ago London life changed dramatically. BBC News became far more exciting and outlet than any action movie on demand, and double locking your doors was no longer a question of whether you had managed to get up in good enough time to not stumble and sprint to the tube.

With fires erupting all over the place, phone calls coming in from concerned family and friends, me and ‘A’, and many more, watched in shock as the high streets either side of us burned and were looted. By kids. Mostly. People our age and younger. From 12 to late twenties. And beyond. Buildings were set on fire, people lost their homes, their possessions, their memories… Each other. What had happened?

The weekend after me and my friends walked in to the local cafe for lunch to find ten police officers taking their break there. For once every person in there was smiling gratefully at the officers, and while it felt a bit like a scene from a book the surrealism faded for the gratitude of their presence.

In London this happened. And then all over the UK. Who would have thought!!

While we chowed down a greek salad and carrot sponge (yum!) we found ourselves wondering how often life puts us in positions where we can’t help but think we should be sitting before a cinema screen rather than experiencing it first hand. The Hollywood-enhanced illusion that ‘certain things only happen in the movies’ is jut as much a cliche as the idea that all those rom-coms actually occur every day (they don’t). So let’s be a little nicer to each other, ok guys? I mean really, smashing up a store, whether a chain or a local business, is going to help no one. In particular not those struggling from the latest cuts. More jobs are lost because shops have to close down, temporarily or fully. Rents go un paid. Houses are even lost. Who does that help? What point were you trying to make? Stick to fantasising about the action in scripts guys, if you need to vent so badly… This was appalling and most definitely not excusable. Grow up.





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