Slutty brownies for winter eves

So I took some inspiration from a blog recipe over the weekend and created this monster of Chocolate loving –

Better known as ‘Slutty Brownies’. Or YUMMY!

Basically, 1) Get some instant Chocolate Chip Cookie mix. Spread on an oven tray. 2) Oreos (whole ones, nothing broken) on top. 3) Add some Instant Brownie Mix and pour over the lot.

The halfway mark, Choccie Chips and Oreos.

Yes, for the record. It was amazing. Perfect for that weekend when you just want to have something warm and comforting.

Curtsey of ‘The Londoner Blog’.



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One thought on “Slutty brownies for winter eves

  1. The Cookie Monster says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Now I will be fat, but full of joy ❤

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