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Two years ago I read this book: The Hollywood Assistant’s Handbook (definitely recommend you do the same btw).

It was inspiring and funny and informative – everything you want as a production noob stranded at a dead-end job in their gap year. Then last month I found it again in P’s bedroom. Like an old friend, I took it to bed and laughed at the good memories. The knickers interview story, the mythical Aeron Chair, the accounts of great success and even greater failure. Awh, I was so deluded and innocent, I had literally no idea what awaited me in the production world until I read this book! Frankly, it scared me.

Suddenly, I was staring at a picture of the Aeron Chair and my heart began to thump. No, chairs do not usually turn me on. But this Aeron – its prowess at back support and posture correctness is famed throughout Hollywood – I had seen that chair very recently, in the plastic flesh.

I had sat on an Aeron Chair every day at my new job for the past 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!

Now my excitement may seem very strange to you all. But imagine being young and hopeful that one day you would be part of the shiny film industry where everyone sits on an Aeron. That day had come, and I hadn’t even realised.

As I read on, I became more and more elated. I could now relate to all the stories of brilliant and crazy execs, the heart-racing mistakes, the bizzare requests, the endless coffee runs, the importance of the call sheet… I was an Intern, just like those brave pioneers before me.

Reading that book again made me realise how far I’ve come in the last 2 years. I started at a local video editing company, and now I work in the office of a major film and TV producer. Two years ago, if you’d told me that, I’d have weed my pants and told you very politely to shut up.

Makes me very excited for the next two years and whatever the hell that’ll bring…! So I guess my final, corny message is this: don’t give up, keep those dreams alive and start saving for an Aeron Chair!

Love ‘A’ xxx