The Logic Behind the Madness

Hello from P & A !

Since meeting in a dark, damp production office three years ago, we’ve been fighting to achieve our dream careers in the TV and Film industries.

Things aren’t going too badly either – our CVs have grown long since the day we started this blog. This is where we like to post about our goals, achievements and inspirations on our journey to becoming respectful Ladies of Hollywood. For the moment, we’re ladies-in-waiting in London, but the dream is still there!

Tips, quotes and a casual display of insanity are the norm here. We also write about chocolate, cupcakes, hot guys, chocolate and there’s the occasional rant thrown in for good measure. Mostly though, we write about TV and Film, our experiences of the industry and our plans for a media invasion.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our posts and hope they can help and inspire you in some way!

Happy reading.

Love P & A x


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