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A Face Full of Lemons

They say that when “life gives you lemons…” you make lemonade, or some other such crap.

Bad news sucks. Especially when you’ve just had good news and you’re not expecting the bad to follow so quickly.

My career has run pretty smoothly, but I have now officially hit my first rut/brick wall/giant lemon. My internship was lasting a lot longer than planned, but we’d just had exciting news of expansion. I began to hope that this would mean a full time position for me once I graduated. Alas, 3 days later, I was told that the expansion was happening very quickly, and they needed an intern who could work full-time come January. Being in my final year of university, with scarce availability, I was no longer the intern they needed.

After crying in the office stationary cupboard (definitely a low point) and wondering if some retail therapy was a good idea or not, considering the impending unemployment, I tried to suck it up. Everyone goes through this at some point, and at least it was nothing I had done, it was all completely out of my control.

Except I am a massive control freak and my carefully nurtured, early career had taken a beating. Suddenly, my financial and career safety-net had been whipped from beneath my smug ass. But I’m gonna make some lemonade, with added vodka at first, and force myself to think about the good side of things. It was a great experience, I’ve made great contacts, and I get to leave before I actually f**ked anything up.

So to conclude… Bat those pesky lemons right out of the park if you can. But when they do hit you square in the face, don’t be a baby like me. Take a massive bite and tell yourself it’s not that bitter, actually you kinda like it. Then you know Lady Karma owes you some good news.

Love A xxx

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Slutty brownies for winter eves

So I took some inspiration from a blog recipe over the weekend and created this monster of Chocolate loving –

Better known as ‘Slutty Brownies’. Or YUMMY!

Basically, 1) Get some instant Chocolate Chip Cookie mix. Spread on an oven tray. 2) Oreos (whole ones, nothing broken) on top. 3) Add some Instant Brownie Mix and pour over the lot.

The halfway mark, Choccie Chips and Oreos.

Yes, for the record. It was amazing. Perfect for that weekend when you just want to have something warm and comforting.

Curtsey of ‘The Londoner Blog’.



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Rioting and greek salads- London style

Close to two weeks ago London life changed dramatically. BBC News became far more exciting and outlet than any action movie on demand, and double locking your doors was no longer a question of whether you had managed to get up in good enough time to not stumble and sprint to the tube.

With fires erupting all over the place, phone calls coming in from concerned family and friends, me and ‘A’, and many more, watched in shock as the high streets either side of us burned and were looted. By kids. Mostly. People our age and younger. From 12 to late twenties. And beyond. Buildings were set on fire, people lost their homes, their possessions, their memories… Each other. What had happened?

The weekend after me and my friends walked in to the local cafe for lunch to find ten police officers taking their break there. For once every person in there was smiling gratefully at the officers, and while it felt a bit like a scene from a book the surrealism faded for the gratitude of their presence.

In London this happened. And then all over the UK. Who would have thought!!

While we chowed down a greek salad and carrot sponge (yum!) we found ourselves wondering how often life puts us in positions where we can’t help but think we should be sitting before a cinema screen rather than experiencing it first hand. The Hollywood-enhanced illusion that ‘certain things only happen in the movies’ is jut as much a cliche as the idea that all those rom-coms actually occur every day (they don’t). So let’s be a little nicer to each other, ok guys? I mean really, smashing up a store, whether a chain or a local business, is going to help no one. In particular not those struggling from the latest cuts. More jobs are lost because shops have to close down, temporarily or fully. Rents go un paid. Houses are even lost. Who does that help? What point were you trying to make? Stick to fantasising about the action in scripts guys, if you need to vent so badly… This was appalling and most definitely not excusable. Grow up.





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Excited about films for all the wrong reasons? Guilty.


I cannot wait to see this and I don’t even particularly like Spiderman. I just have the world’s Biggest crush on Andy Garfield. He. Is. Yummy.

Sorry… Back to serious posts now 😉

Love ‘A’

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“I’m going to use what God gave me. My boobs and a posh British accent.”

I said this jokingly to ‘P’ yesterday, on the subject of job hunting in LA after I graduate. Thing is, I couldn’t help feeling that would be… cheating? I dunno.

Girls who use their bodies to get jobs (from wearing low cut tops to actually doing the deed) get a bad rep. But what if you are super talented and you just need a way to get your foot in the door? I’m not condoning sleeping with your boss to get a raise, but is a little flirting really that bad?

For example, I usually manage to get a discount with mechanics – I just smile, chat, make them feel like they want to help me out. I’m not gonna lie, my F-cup boobs probably do most of work for me. And voila I save quite a bit of money (my car breaks down every 2-3 months…).

I can’t help having big boobs – in fact, I try ridiculously hard to hide them, and sometimes I hate that they attract attention. I just can’t deny I didn’t get my first industry job based (unknowingly) on my bust : I answered all the questions wrong, but the guy hiring me was a total perv and once I’d got my boobs through that door the job was mine.

I know this is wrong. On the other hand, would I have got the job if I hadn’t had the boobs? Would I be where I am now? Guess I’ll never know.

What I do know, is that when I go to LA, I will be keeping my boobs to myself, but if the interviewer is a guy, I wont need to to flaunt them – they do that in a stiff chin-high polo jumper. And if he likes my accent, I’m not gonna change it.

In short, I don’t mind why they give me the job. I do mind how well I do the job, and how much I can impress them as a producer/camera operator/director once I’m hired.

Surely that’s what matters?

Love ‘A’ x

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M-“Do you think if I go in and shake hands with everybody I’ll find someone more interesting then the guy I’m actually meeting?”

The dreaded interview process… And no, I don’t mean attending as the interviewee. I mean actually conducting the things, and making decisions! Big decisions…

You see, after about three years of hiring and picking crew members you’d imagine I would have reached some form of comfort zone with the idea of vetting potential employees… But it turns out, when they’re full-timers for more then one project at a time, it’s damn hard!

I interviewed a few girls the other day for a PA type role, and while all lovely they came across very differently. One was frank and honest about her fairly substantial career as an actress, with sporadic PA experience in between. Sweet and confident, and an almost perfect interview performance.

The second one loved cake, but was slim as a feather. Despite the multi colored nails she came across very confident, funny, charming and with a cool head well screwed on. She wasn’t afraid to share limited personal details to create banter, but also held back on too much. But did she have enough credits on her CV, even though she would be able to do the job?

And then there was the girl who came perfectly polished, dressed to impress (but as it’s an office of converse, jeans and the occasional set of heels… Media people?). Clearly a future journalist, a strong academic background, and eager to express an intense interest for the role. But why was she walking so close I could feel her breath?

Silly little things, tough decisions… After all, it’s not as if we can just try them all or throw one away if it all goes wrong. Recruiting takes time, is hard (and annoying) work, and teaching someone once they’re hired takes even more time! So no pressure on getting it right the first time around… Shockingly I’m not worrying as much about the fact that I’ll make someone’s day and do the opposite to a few other’s, but rather about who will hit the ground running the best. In the right lane… Hmm…

Another day in the somkey city!

xo xo




PS News of The World… Damn!! What’s everyone thinking? That’s a worse ball of crazy than when A and me got stuck in a garage for months on end at a production company!

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