Geek Heaven

Here are a few of our favourite places on the internet!

Check these out if you want to get into the TV industry, read some cool geeky shit or just amuse yourself on your lunchbreak!

So You Want to Work in Television?

Siubhan (Shu) Richmond offers some great advice on the TV industry and breaking down its doors. As a working professional, she has plenty of her own stories to tell, and features some great blogs from other savvy TV peeps. Definitely worth checking out and joining.

– The Anonymous Production Assistant – A view of Hollywood from the bottom.

Wonderfully candid and funny, real stories from LaLa Land, and a great insight into the madness that rules Hollywood and all who dare to work there.

The Unit List 

First point of call for all TV jobs. Follow them on Twitter for instant updates – have your CVs at the ready people!

The Hollywood Reporter

If you want to work in the business, you need to know what’s going on in the business.


Full of amazing and inspiring films (most in HD) to keep your creative brain whirring. Taking time to browse through the average You-Tube-worthy videos will always reward you with something stunning and new. There’s even a”Student Films” category, showcasing upcoming filmmakers. Make sure you join if you’ve got a film to upload!

UK Scriptwriters Blog and Podcasts

News and views on the UK Scriptwriting scene from Tim Clague and Danny Stack. Definitely worth a look, and a listen to their podcasts. Fully of witty but insightful stuff.


One thought on “Geek Heaven

  1. Mark says:

    And this place of course;

    The forum for working TV freelancers (and those who are looking)

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