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“Let me know when your personal life is falling apart: that means it’s time for a pay rise.” The Devil Wears Prada

Moving on, moving up… The progression-line. The scary yet coveted future that makes that beaming light (Oscar/Emmy/Gold *cough*) at the end of the tunnel a bit more realistic and vivid. The promotion.


We all work towards our own little goals, and we all struggle to get there. Sometimes some of us reach a place where we’re quite content with life and our career, and we wouldn’t mind staying. Other times we get a taste of even more things worth pushing those long hours and feel inspiration seem through anew.

Personally, I’ve never been scared of responsibility. People seem to sense it and somehow just throw things my way, from admin to company records or scripting or floor managing. But there are moments when it’s daunting.

Like when your local starts telling you to steer clear from certain areas of work because sensitive feet rest there. Or you’re asked to help hire not just the crew for the important tasks, but people to support you. Daily.

Bloody hell…

That’s when it gets scary, because suddenly you’ve gone from being in charge of middle aged men and women who know everything about their camera lenses, or directing preferences, or sound systems… To managing a future you. Which… Hang on, you’re not even quite you yet. And you know what, it’s exciting!!

Bloody… well (Pardon my repeated french, have been watching Buffy re-runs featuring Spike…).

Basically, we’re all in this industry because we have dreams and goals and passions and we love what we do. Some of us are driven by the end result, some by the stories we can tell (real or fictional), some by the magic we use to tell them, and yet others by the figures following the $ sign after the product is launched. Ah ye faithful audiences, be it at your TVs or the cinema or Netflix. Ah…

Anyway, am drifting from the point. The thing is the whole idea of moving closer to your future, your goal, is extremely exciting and it provides a renewed challenge to keep you entertained, but it’s also daunting. Can you meet all the necessary points in the updated contract? Can you charm up those figures? Can you tutor someone and manage twenty new things at once, some of which you’ve never done before (as per usual)? The answer is yes, you will. And you’ll freak out quite constantly, just like before (just with more responsibility and higher fall…).

And funnily enough, it’s true what they say… Just when your personal life is falling apart, or you’re so wary of the present circumstances you’re considering drastic measures for new challenges or just general change… well… It means it’s time for a pay rise ;).





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